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We are Barbara and Paul, the little owners of the Puppets’ Art Village. Once upon a time there was a girl, myself, and a boy, my dear husband. We were led by the fairies on the same path to unite our magical powers. We long to give others the gift of what we like to do more than anything else. Such enchantment is something that few people experience in their lifetimes. We believe that the path of heart is always very challenging, yet the heart is never deceitful, it is always filled with true dreams and high expectations.

Our Services

Art village & theatre

The Puppet’ Theatre and Art Village was born in 2013 with the mission of serving children and families.

Path Tours & Programs

Take a look at our upcoming programmes and events and visit us in person.


Choose from our beautiful handcrafted products! Surprise yourself and your loved ones with heartwarming gifts!


Humbuk & Bukhum

The story of Humbuk and Bukhum, and the path that gives all the answers, was born to be a healing for so many souls in this difficult world. We have created a world where children and adults alike can retreat from the outside noise and listen to themselves. We help them do this through our trail hikes, story nights, and snuggle day activities.

Written by Barbara Rus
Illustrated by Eszti Bíró Eszti

They said about us…

“Dear Barbi! You are the living testimony that wonders do exist…You are the miracle!!!”




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