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We are Barbara and Paul, the little owners of the Puppets’ Art Village. Once upon a time there was a girl, myself, and a boy, my dear husband. We were led by the fairies on the same path to unite our magical powers. We long to give others the gift of what we like to do more than anything else. Such enchantment is something that few people experience in their lifetimes. We believe that the path of heart is always very challenging, yet the heart is never deceitful, it is always filled with true dreams and high expectations.

Our knowledge & experience


kindergarten educator,
Waldorf pedagogy,
puppet group leader
creativ director of the Puppets’ Art Village


clinical oncologist, radiotherapist and family medicine doctor,
professional in naturopathy,
host of the Puppets’ Art Village
professional leader of therapeutic programs.




The Puppets’ Art Village was born 10 years ago, when as a graduate student of kindergarten teaching at the Szarvas College I was inspired by my childhood experiences. My thesis was awarded with the “Our Discovered” prize, thus making me the 15th most talented kindergarten educator in Hungary. I designed and built a rotating, mobile puppet theatre with painted glass.

Over the years I have become acquainted with Waldorf pedagogy, and I ave also completed the training for puppet group leaders in Szeged. I spent three years in a public kindergarten, then I decided to pursue my dreams, and, inspired by the most beloved poem of my childhood (Erzsi Gazdag’s Tales Store), which my mother used to read in the evenings, I created the Puppets’ Art Village. I believe that every childhood adventure that was once soul-lifting could enrich us as adults. Everyone down here on earth has a gift to give and dedicate to the well-being of others. For me and my husband, this is what Puppets’ Art Village is.

10 years of amazing experiences

The Art Village has had its first 10 years with wonderful experiences through the children and their parents who have attended it. I have never looked at what I do as work, because every day was a fairy tale. I would say that with many of these families that the fairies have sent here I have formed and maintained lifelong friendships. They and their children are special people. They are constantly striving and their values are unwavering, they want to give their children something different, a spiritual legacy in this fast-paced world we live in. I look up to them and I am happy that I could educate their children.

The Art Village is now entering its second little life. The meeting of two souls, their hearts and dreams gave birth to the tale of Humbuk and Bukhum and the barefoot path that goes with it. But before the tale goes on, I would like to introduce my husband. Using his words: „ My name is Dr. Rus Paul Ovidiu, clinical oncologist, radiotherapist and family medicine doctor, father of two daughters. I graduated from the “Moise Nicoară” high school and then from the Medical University of Timișoara, România. In 2004 I came to Hungary, where I obtained 3 specialty degrees and since then I have been working continuously within the medical profession. I have always been very interested in naturopathy. My professional training in this field consists of the basic module of naturopathy.  I have also gained the specialisation of Ear-Acupunctural (Auriculotherapeutic) Addictology, my training being in accordance with the American NADA protocol (NADA meaning „National Acupuncture Detoxification Association”). I have been always fascinated by literature, arts and painting. That’s one way to explain the fact that I also write and sing. And hence my attraction for my wife’s artwork. Together we plan to help people who enter this space.”

My husband is a magnificent soul, when he smiles I know that underneath his laughter there is a gift for everyone. One of those laughs gave birth to the story of Humbuk and Bukhum. This story is the basis for the tale path we have in our backyard. It is intended for both children and grown-ups. The path is also accompanied by activities, storytelling evenings, guided pathwalks, workshops, exhibitions and craft fairs. This autumn’s breeze blows the Village of Artists into a new, second lifetime. We are confident that our dreams are just as much the dreams of any other fairy-tale dreamer, and that many will enter our Magic Gate.

The end of the tale


Our home is the home of Art Village, where even the handwashers are inhabited by foxes… We do believe that what we have built here is of inestimable value, and we gladly offer it for the well-being, healing, recreation and daydreaming of others. It is true, it is a fairy tale, even from beyond the fairies’ lands… we are looking forward to welcoming you with a cheerful laugh… 

Barbi & Paul 

Art Village &Theatre

The  Puppets’ Theatre and Art Village was born in 2013 with the mission of serving children and families who value a soul-based education through arts. The Art Village  started in 2013 with 8 young children and by 2022, nearly 50 children were entering the Magic Gate each week. Our village is located on a long street in Jamina-Erzsébethely, Békéscsaba. Among fairies, tiny ceramic mushrooms, soft grass, trees, plants, sweet scents, puppets, paint, brushes, woolen balls, fairy tales, fairy mugs, children’s laughter, the Art Village is living its every day life.

The values and aims of the Puppets’ Art Village

The goal of the Puppets’ Art Village is to promote psychological growth of children, where education is based on the individual character of each child, and where child-centred education and alternative education can both be implemented. The Village of Artists is home for the nurturing of the soul, a world of puppets and fairytales where children can develop through self-expression and also through playing.

Our core values: 

Purity, simplicity, respect and appreciation for each other, harmony with nature, respect, trust.

Past, Present and Future

The past, present and future of the Art Village is to provide a sustainable community for children and adults to live in, where there is no achievement orientation and where they can share their innate talents within the framework of the Art Village.

Activities of the
Puppets’ Art Village:


  • Walking Puppets individual and group activities for children and adults
  • “Walking Puppets” Puppets Theatre
  • Fairytale nights with Humbuk and Bukhum
  • Puppets’ path tours
  • Craft fairs 
  • Exhibitions 

Our Association & Values

The goal of the Puppets’ Artistic Association is to promote the spiritual growth of the children, in which the education of each individual child is in harmony with his or her own personality, and in which child-centered teaching and the implementation of alternative education can be accomplished.

The Puppets’ Artistic Association is the centre for the nurturing and cultivation of the soul, with a strong emphasis on human connections’ caring. The core values of the Puppets’ Artistic Association are integrity, simplicity, mutual respect and appreciation, and a harmony with surrounding natural environment. The Association’s activities consist of: organising workshops, artistic activities and camps for children and grown-ups, nature preservation, environmental awareness, promoting of physical, emotional, psychological-mental health, supporting sports activities, educational activities and hosting lectures. In the pursuit of achieving its objectives, the Association offers its services not only to its members, but also to all individuals and legal entities and thus provides access to its services to other bodies or organisations.

If you would like to support our common values please do it through our Association:



Bank account number:
(MHB Hungary)

Tax number:

Contact by phone:
+36 30 9955403
+36 20 3697787

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