Pumpkin cottage with needlework

On this autumn afternoon, we will be needlepointing pumpkins in the Walking Puppets’Art Village.

A tiny craft box will be waiting for those who want to create, with a bouncing needle, soft wool, bells, ribbon and lots of giggles. 

4 children can attend this session.

Recommended age: 6 years and up.

A brief introduction to needleworking

Needle felting is basically nothing more than a dry felting technique to create different flat or square structures. Needle felting requires a special needle, which, by pricking the wool repeatedly, allows the fibres to intermingle and stick together, becoming more compact and solid as the wool is repeatedly needlepunched. The needlework technique requires the use of a special needle with indentations at its end to make the wool fibres stick together. The wool is placed on a soft base and the needle is pushed firmly until the desired consistency is obtained. Several types of felting needles (thick, medium and slim) are required to work with a variety of wool fabrics. ” Short goods store (accessories): button, small object, ribbon, yarn, strings


10 Oct 2023


16:30 - 18:00


8 500 Ft


Puppets' Art Village
Puppets' Art Village
Mariassy utca 73. 5600 Bekescsaba


Barbara Rus
Barbara Rus
+36 30 9955-403

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