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The present “General Terms and Conditions” (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) are issued by Rus Barbara (Registered Office: Hungary, ZIP 5600, Békéscsaba county, Békéscsaba city, Máriássy street No.73; Company Registration Number:79270056-1-24), represented by Rus Barbara (Phone: +36309955403, E-mail: reimsfille@gmail.com), hosting provider (Company Name: DotRoll Kft., Address: 1148, Budapest, Fogarasi Road, No. 3-5, Hungary, Tax number: 13962982-2-42, Phone number: +36-1-432-3232, Email: support@dotroll.com) and contain the terms and conditions of use  of  the available  services and of her owned webshop (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) placed  on her official website (www.babgyaloglo.hu) – by customers (hereinafter referred to as the ” Client ” or ” User ” or „Buyer” or ” Customer “). The Owner/ Supplier/Operator, Client, Buyer, User or Customer are hereinafter referred to as the “Party”, collectively referred to as the “Parties”.


The Owner, Rus Barbara reserves the right to unilaterally modify these GTC.  The products on the website may be purchased through the website only by private consumers.

The following definitions shall have the following meaning in these GTC: 

– www.babgyaloglo.hu: the website operated by the Owner/Operator ; 

– Owner (Supplier/Operator): is the Contractor Rus Barbara, who offers its products for sale on the Website; 

– Customer/Buyer/Client  is the person who makes a purchase on the website – by doing so he/shee agrees to the Owner’s Terms and Conditions. 

The Customer must provide true data when placing an order. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness of the personal information provided. In case the Owner becomes aware that the data provided by the User/Customer contains elements that are not accurate, the Owner is entitled to restrict the Customer’s access to the website or to exclude the Customer from using www.babgyaloglo.hu; the Owner is also entitled to exclude the Customer from using www.babgyaloglo.hu in case the Customer misuses the www.babgyaloglo.hu platform or its services. For example, misuse of the platform is considered to occur if the Client places an order for several products, but does not accept them intentionally or by his own fault, either during the process of delivery of the products or after their physical arrival at the place of delivery.

– Shopping Basket: the section where the Buyer can place the Products he/she wishes to purchase. 

– Website: the website www.babgyaloglo.hu with the online shop contained; 

– Products: all the Products listed or appearing on the Website, offered for sale by the Owner, for which the Customer may place an order on the Website; Products are orderable on-line. The Products are sold in different packaging. The images shown on the Product data sheets may differ from the real ones and are for illustrative purposes only. The prices indicated for the Products are the gross prices and include the value added tax (VAT) chargeable under the legislation currently in effect. The price of the Products includes the cost of packaging and the cost of packaging for delivery. The price displayed for the Products does not include delivery costs.

– Contract: a contract is established between the Owner and the Buyer, as presented on the Website and as described in these GTC, without the concurrent physical presence of the Owner and the Buyer. This contract does not constitute a written contract. 

– Content: (i) all data and/or information (including images, graphics, logos, graphic elements, videos, files, text, designs) that are visible and available for access on the Website; (ii) all data and/or information contained in e-mails and/or other messages sent by the Owner to the Client via electronic communication means.

– Newsletter: a commercial message, or communication, sent periodically by electronic means (e-mail) by the Owner to Clients that have subscribed to the newsletter service, which informs and provides information about developments/changes concerning the www.babgyaloglo.hu website and about the Products presented on the www.babgyaloglo.hu website; 

– Order: the Customer makes a purchase offer to the Supplier for one or more Products on the Website. 

– Shopping Basket Value: the total amount of the purchase order for the Products to be ordered from the Owner in the Order, i.e. the total amount payable by the Customer to the Owner after having placed the Order. 


1. Surfing/Browsing the website/Webpage/Webshop

The Webshop provides the Customers with the possibility to browse and order products. Anyone can browse the Webshop without registration. On the product page, you can access the product by clicking on its name, where you can find detailed information on its characteristics, price, main data or components.


2.  Ordering

Product selection 

The chosen product can be added to the “Shopping Basket” by pressing the “Shopping Basket” button;  the requested number of items can be adjusted. The Buyer can check the contents of the “Shopping Basket” by selecting the “Shopping Basket” menu button. Here you can change and/or delete the contents of the “Shopping Basket”and the individual items in the “Shopping Basket”. It is also possible to completely clear the “Shopping Basket”.  After adding the Products to the “Shopping Basket”, the Buyer can continue the buying process by clicking on the “Proceed to Checkout” button, or he can add more products to the “Shopping Basket” by clicking on the “Continue to Shopping” button. 


3. Registration

3.1 The Customer can purchase the Products without registration. 

3.2 When making a purchase, the Buyer is required to provide the following information: e-mail address, telephone number, name for billing, billing address, and delivery address, if different.

3.3 Through the website www.babgyaloglo.hu, the Client/Customer can submit his/her Order electronically by adding the selected Product(s) to the Shopping Basket, specifying the number of the chosen Product(s), the delivery and billing information required to fulfill the Order. Placing the Product(s) in the Shopping Basket does not mean that the Order has been finalised. 


4. Newsletter

Company name: Webagile SAS

Project: The Newsletter Plugin.

Data management: Web Agile Sas di Fietta Roberto, con sede in Mussolente (VI), via Trieste 8.

Tax identification number: 03809490240

Phone number: +36-1-432-3232

Email: privacy@thenewsletterplugin.com 


5. Transfer of ownership of the products 

Ownership of the Products is transferred to the Buyer upon reception of the Products.


6.  Billing

6.1. The prices of the Products on the Website are in HUF and include VAT.

6.2. The price and method of payment are indicated. The Operator will issue an invoice to the Customer for the Product(s) ordered.

6.3. The invoice will indicate the purchase price of the Products that were chosen, the mehod of payment and the payment deadline for each recorded Order. The Operator shall issue an invoice for the Products ordered and delivered, in accordance with the legislation in effect. It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide correct and accurate  data required for the issuing of the invoice. In the event of failure to do so or of incomplete or incorrect recording, the Operator cannot be obliged to issue a new invoice.

6.4. In the case of an order placed for Product(s), the invoice issued by the Operator will include both the tax for the delivery (transportation) of the product(s) and the value of the product(s) purchased, that has to be paid.

6.5. The Operator provides the invoice for the Products sold to the Customer electronically. The issued invoice is available in an electronic form by means of an electronic message (e-mail).


7. Responsibility 

7.1 The Operator cannot be held responsible for any damage to the Customer resulting from the Operator’s fulfilment of its contractual obligations. The Operator is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the Products. The Operator is not responsible for any damage to the Products after handover to the courier service, and any damage arising from the delivery shall be the responsibility of the courier service.


8. Special Provisions For Online Sales

8.1 Any Customer may access the Website. The Operator has the right to restrict the Customer’s/Customer’s right to place an Order and access to the Website, if the Customer’s/Customer’s activities on the Website may jeopardise the proper functioning of the Website and/or cause damage to the Operator. In this case, the Client/Customer may contact the Operator, who will inform him/her of the reason(s) of the restriction.

8.2. The Client may contact the Operator through the contact details provided by the Operator. The Operator shall be responsible for the authenticity and correctness of the information provided for the purpose of contacting.

8.3. The Content on the Website, in particular the information used to describe the Products, does not constitute an offer by the Operator, they are for presentation purposes only, the images on the Website are for illustration purposes only. Any Content acquired by the Client/ Buyer by visiting and/or browsing the Website does not constitute a contractual obligation or a binding obligation for the Operator.


9. Intellectual property

9.1. The Content, as defined in these GTC, includes, but is not limited to, logos, graphic elements, trademarks, images, videos, animations, multimedia texts and/or any other content displayed on the Website. All this constitute the explicit ownership (property) of the Operator (Supplier/Owner) and the Operator reserves all rights in relation to it.

9.2. The Client/Customer is not entitled to copy, distribute, communicate, transmit to third parties, modify and/or otherwise alter or use the Content.

9.3. Any Content to which the Client/Customer has access or gains access by any means is subject to these GTC. 

9.4. No material may be transferred from the www.babgyaloglo.hu website or its database.

9.5. The Owner/Operator holds all rights for all elements of its services, its domain names, the secondary domain names derived from them, and its Internet advertising space. 

9.6. It is prohibited to adapt or deconstruct the content of the website or any part of it or to use any application that enables modifying or indexing the website or any part of it.


10. Confidentiality 

10.1. The Operator shall keep confidential any information of any nature provided by the Buyer/Customer to the Operator.


11. Processing of personal data 

11.1. The Website’s Privacy Policy for the processing of personal data constitutes part of these Terms and Conditions.


12. Complaint handling 

12.1. If the Customer has any complaint or comment concerning the contract or its fulfillment, he/she may submit it to the e-mail address: reimsfille@gmail.com


13. Applicable law, administration of justice 

13.1 The contract established between the Operator and the Customer is subject to the Hungarian law.

13.2. In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act CLV of 1997, if any consumer dispute between the Operator and the Customer is not resolved in the course of the negotiation with the Operator, the Consumer, as a consumer, may refer the matter to the competent Mediation (Arbitration) Board (Committee) according to his/her place of residency or registered address and may initiate the proceedings of the Committee, or can contact  the Competent Arbitration Board according to the location of the Operator. The Operator will use the arbitration procedure to settle the consumer dispute.

13.3. The Operator and the Customers/Buyers should settle any disputes that may arise between them through amicable means, or, if this is not possible, the Parties may go to court to resolve the disputed case.

13.4. The Operator reserves the right to update or modify the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions from time to time in order to reflect the website’s operating method and conditions, or the changes in the legal environment. Should that be the case, the modified version of the General Terms and Conditions will appear on the page.

14. Payment and Reimbursement Rules

14.1 After selecting the Products, the Customer chooses the payment and delivery method. The Customer can check all his/her previously provided data and the Products he/she wishes to order, their price and quantity, by means of a summary page. In case of data entry errors, he/she can correct the data provided. 

14.2. The Customer will be able to finalise his order after accepting these GTC and the Privacy Policy.

14.3. By finalizing the Order, the Customer states that the informations  provided by him/her necessary for the purchase are accurate and agrees that the Operator may use and process them for the purpose of fulfilling the Order. By finalising the Order, the Customer is obliged to pay the price of the Order, in case of failure to do so, the Operator may refuse to fulfill the Order.

14.4. If the Customer finds everything appropriate, he/she finalizes it and sends the. The sending of the order by the Customer constitutes the offer from the Customer. The Customer will receive an automatic confirmation of the order within 24 hours by e-mail in the shopping basket section of the webshop, indicating the order. 

14.5. If the Customer notices any erroneous data after sending the order (e.g. in the automatic acknowledgement e-mail), he/she shall notify the Supplier immediately, but within 24 hours at the latest. 

14.6. The Products ordered shall be delivered within 4 to 5 working days in Hungary, which may vary depending on stock.

14.7. It is possible to cancel or modify a submitted and confirmed order by providing the exact details of the customer.

14.8. The order and its confirmation shall be deemed to have been submitted to the Operator or the Customer at the time when it becomes available to them. The Contract between the Operator and the Customer is established when the Operator receives the order placed by the Customer by e-mail. After the Order has been placed, the automatic system message is sent to the Customer by e-mail about the recording of the Order but it is for information purposes only.

14.9. The Operator shall not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred by the Buyer that are attributable to the Buyer’s card issuing bank (in particular, but not limited to, foreign exchange rates, other costs).

14.10. The Operator reserves the right to reject an Order placed by the Customer without justification. The Operator is also entitled to confirm less than the quantity/number of the Products specified in the Order, depending on the stock availability.  The Customer will be informed about this by e-mail. In such a case, the Operator will refund the Customer the purchase price of the Products already paid by the Customer but not confirmed by the Operator.

14.11. The Operator will refund the purchase price in the following manner: the refund will be made to the financial institution that issued the credit card.

14.12. The Operator is entitled to delete the Customer’s Order without any legal consequences, in the following cases: 

– if the financial institution issuing the card does not authorise the transaction;

– if the online payment partner cannot validate the transaction; 

– if the information provided by the Customer is not accurate, incomplete or does not allow the Order to be fulfilled.

14.13. The order is considered to constitute a contract executed by electronic means and it is governed by the Law CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of Law V of 2013 on the Civil Code, Electronic Trading Services as well as information society related services.

15. Return & Refund Policy

Order cancellation rights 

Products are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee under this General Return Policy. You have the right to cancel your order within 30 days, without giving any reason. In this case, you can request a refund. The cancellation period is 30 days from the moment you receive the Product(s). To exercise this right you should inform us of your decision and you can do it by e-mail. 

Product(s) returning procedure

You are responsible for the cost of returning of the Product(s) and for the risk of transportation. Once you have submitted via email a request for the returning of a  Product, you will receive an email with information about how to return the Product.

Conditions for return and refund

In order for the purchased Product(s) to be returned, a few conditions must be met:

  • The products must have been purchased within the last 30 days
  • The Products remain in their original condition

We have the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to refund any product that does not meet the above mentioned conditions. Refunds will be made within 7 days from the date on which we receive the purchased Product(s). We will use the same payment method as you used to place the Order.

Non-reimbursable expenses

Non-reimbursable costs:

  • the cost of the original delivery of the Product(s)

If you have any questions, please contact us:

E-mail: reimsfille@gmail.com

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